digital book ecover with man and woman kissing in nature and title "One Night In Emerald Creek"
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One Night in Emerald Creek
A short novella

The boss assigned me a babysitter. Not just anyone. He assigned me his hot and cocky nephew on my business trip to Vermont.

Lucas Hunt. Built like a linebacker, messy blond hair, sparkling green eyes, a smile that melts all the panties in the office.

But I need to focus on my career-defining presentation. And how can I do that when we’re hours in the same car? When I find out he’s attentive and kind and cares way more about me than anyone ever has?

And what am I supposed to do when we’re stranded in the ridiculously cute town of Emerald Creek during their Valentine’s Day festival, occupying the last room in town?

Let him sleep on the floor? I don’t think so.


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Never Let You Go
A single dad, close proximity, small town romance

Christopher Wright is Emerald Creek’s hot, broody, single dad baker. And my totally off-limits boss. 

The fine print of my baking apprenticeship neglected to mention a few key details. Like how attentive the master baker would be. Or that he’d be really good with his hands, and not just in the bakery. Oh and that part about “room and board”? A Victorian house with hidden passages, and him cooking for me and his daughter every night.

I’m here to secure my inheritance: my late grandmother’s sprawling empire of industrial bakeries. She never loved me, but she was the only family I had. Despite her coldness, inheriting her legacy is my last chance to find a sense of belonging.

But as my relationship with Christopher grows, the truth I’m hiding from him feels heavier.

This single man. His little girl. The small town they live in and the new friends that treat me like family.

All this feels more like home than I’ve ever known.

Until Christopher catches onto the real reasons I’m here.

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The Promise of You
Can one night define your life?

We had a deal: One night, no names, no numbers



He’s Emerald Creek’s hot, wounded, and emotionally unavailable pub owner. My unforgettable one-night-stand with a stranger. And now, my business rival.

I should be able to handle that, right?

After all, I’m the strong woman who totally survived losing her job, being kicked out of her apartment, and finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman–all in one day.

What else could go wrong?

Meeting the perfect man, and having to walk away from him.

I keep my promise and slip out in the morning, never to see him again–until my cousins beg me to run their family’s restaurant after my uncle suddenly dies, and he’s the next-door pub owner.

Except now he inexplicably hates me, and wants me gone.

But this job is all I have.

I’m not going anywhere.



I know trouble when I see it. And I saw her: smart, sexy, and beautiful-–the worst kind of trouble.

The mysterious woman I cradled through the night could have been the one, if I were that type of guy. The one I could change for. But I like it fine just the way I am. So when morning comes and she’s gone, I’m both devastated and relieved.

Until she appears in my hometown, on my doorstep, causing trouble to my business. She doesn’t seem to know it, but there’s literal bad blood between our families. I need her gone.

But everyone in Emerald Creek thinks differently, and even my dog plays matchmaker.

Falling for the enemy has never been so tempting.

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Return to You
Soulmates will always find their way back to each other

Two broken hearts. Ten years apart. Can one small town bring them back together?


Ten years in the military might have changed me, but it didn’t change the reasons I left Emerald Creek. Back for a short visit to my family after a decade away, I’ll do everything to keep my stay painless. 

It will be short.

There will be no trips down memory lane.

There will be little to no reconnecting with locals. 

One thing is certain: I won’t run into the girl who broke my heart. She’s long gone, married away.

Or so I thought.

All it takes is a pulled muscle, a massage tent at the town fair, and some not-so-subtle interventions from my friends for me to suddenly be alone with her—with me flat on my back on the massage table and her kneading me like I’m a stranger. Like what we had back then meant nothing to her.

She won’t even talk to me? Fine. I’m ready to bolt anyway.

But when the townies engineer another close encounter and I find out what she’s trying to hide from me, it’s Operation Get Her Back.

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digital book ecover with man and woman kissing in nature and title "One Night In Emerald Creek"

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